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​​We raise Black Angus cattle from a closed herd. They are grown in a natural environment with organic feed free from antibiotics, hormones, growth additives or chemically treated grains and hay. Of course, any ill or injured animal receives the necessary medical attention and sold at auction. But, because of the environment we provide, there is rarely a need for intervention.


Our broiler chicks come home the morning they hatch and are immediately started on our farm-made organic feed rations. They remain in the warm brooder area until they are fully feathered and able to move outside to their pasture houses. They remain on pasture until they are ready to go on a one hour journey to the Government inspected poultry processing facility at Pigeon Lake.


The Poultry are brought in as newborn poults –free of any medical treatment. They are fed organically raised grains grown on our farm while in the brooder and at four weeks of age graduate to greener pastures. Here they enjoy the best of everything: fresh air, sunshine, green grass, alfalfa and healthy soil to scratch in.


Customers who try our pork once get hooked-- the difference in taste, texture and smell is tangible. This is due to the pigs' active life outdoors and diet of organic chop and hay. Watching the pigs interact with one another is remarkable, as they are truly intelligent, curious and social beings.​​


Eggs are available year round. The laying hens live in a spacious barn during winter months and are outside in the summer where they spend their time scratching and sitting in the shade of their favourite maple tree.

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