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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website. It has been long overdue as the little people in our original site photos are now the adult Grandchildren doing our meat cutting, sausage making and livestock care.

Thank you for taking the time to search for superior quality meat products from humanely raised livestock. All species are raised with respect and gratitude and in turn provide nutritious and delicious meat products for our valued customers.

All items offered are prepared from livestock raised on our Farm. We do not buy meat from outside sources so we can totally guarantee all livestock are cared for exactly the same and because we do all cut and wrap in our provincially inspected meat facility on site, we can meet individual requests for specific cuts, size of cuts, etc. This personal service has allowed us to serve many satisfied customers both at our Downtown Edmonton Farmers’ Market and at our farm.

Our pricing philosophy is slightly different from many other producers. It has always been our goal to provide the best possible prices we can manage to allow people of diverse economic levels to eat quality food and all orders – large or small – are available at the same price. We don’t build in margins that allow discounts on larger orders.

We aim to build confidence in customers about the quality of our food. A wiener should not only taste good but be good for you. It does not have to have preservatives, gluten, nitrates or bits and pieces of whatever in it. Good quality meat and spices are all that are necessary. Hamburger should be juicy and flavorful (not full of fat and water) and be an excellent base for the vast array of recipes it can be used in. It is a much loved staple of our freezer. We endeavor to keep a good supply of all products. However, your patience is appreciated if we do run out of items occasionally. It is very hard to gauge quantities to have on hand as one day we might have a lot of product only to find a large order comes in that takes most or all of it.

All products are frozen immediately upon processing. (We have done many tests ourselves and with our customers and are happy to report the frozen product yields the same great taste as the fresh and takes away the need to freeze meat that has been sitting in cooler awaiting sale and then having to be frozen for later sales). As a note of interest - fresh turkeys are often five days old or older before the consumers get them in the oven so our preference always is to have them frozen immediately upon processing and the end result always brings many positive comments from repeat customers.

While the cost of organic certification is substantial and the paperwork is beyond demanding, it is the only way we can guarantee the claims made about our products. Third party on site inspection verifies the standards claimed and we feel in our current climate of uncertainty about the content and quality of many of the foods in the market place today, our customers deserve this additional step in our production process.

Questions are welcomed and answered as quickly as possible. We are grateful to the many people who support our farm and appreciate the opportunity to have new consumers learn about us also. As Ed and I rapidly become the oldsters on the farm, it is heartwarming to know we have caring and dedicated Grandchildren who believe strongly in the same values and ethics of animal husbandry and spend their days learning and carrying on the fourth generation tradition of healthy land care and natural livestock rearing.

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