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   Our family owned and operated farm has evolved from one quarter of land in 1979 to a farm comprised of over 1200 acres, producing beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, chicken eggs.  We run our farm with the intention of leaving the Earth in better condition than we found it. People tend to think that "organic" is a new concept. However, we are simply carrying out the same practices as our parents and grandparents- and the many generations before them. Growing our own grain and hay, making our own rations and processing our meat on-site have allowed us to maintain total control of our product. 

   Our livestock are raised in a natural environment and fed certified organic feed free from antibiotics, hormones, growth additives and chemicals. We regard our animals as creatures with intelligence and emotions. Their comfort, safety and health are a top priority.

  While it occasionally causes small shortages in our egg or meat supply, we never sell products that are not from livestock raised on our farm, by us.

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We welcome and encourage you to ask us any questions you have. It's so important to know where your food comes from! 

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Horvath Organic Farm


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